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I started to watch AE on YouTube after someone suggested me the channel because I wanted to get used to the Australian accent before coming to Australia. As soon as I watched the first episode, I couldn’t stop it anymore, because the episodes were interesting, fun and informative. What I like most in AE is that Pete speaks naturally and, as a result, we can learn the real spoken English. There are also episodes about learning languages in general and how we can overcome our difficulties. I’ve signed up to the AE Classroom and the lessons include amazing premium transcripts and vocabulary exercises. Moreover, Pete is an amazing guy, who is doing his best to help us!

Juliana from Brazil

I’ve been listening to AE from the very beginning and I found Pete’s approach to English teaching very down to earth and easy to understand. I like very much all the episodes of Embarrassing English Errors and Expressions, but definitely something was missing which was exercises to reinforce the learning experience. Then Pete released the AE Classroom to complement the podcast. The weekly lessons and their exercises are extensive and very well explained and combined with listening MP3s that are priceless for the small investment. I strongly recommend this resource to anyone who is serious about taking their English to the next level.

Juan from Colombia

I discovered the Aussie English Podcast on the Facebook page and have really enjoyed the open and friendly discussions with Pete, the leader of the Aussie English community. The Aussie English listening comprehension exercises in the weekly AE Classroom lessons are great to plunge deeper and speaks like a native. I really like the videos on 1 minute expression. Thank you!

Ruchi from India

I found the Aussie English Podcast in Facebook 6 months ago, give or take. I’m really interested in Australia and I found what I needed, an amazing Aussie guy who’s working hard in order to help all those people who want to learn about his lovely country, Aussie English and his culture. I signed up to the AE Classroom to learn my English faster and the exercises have really helped me. I recommend everyone gives it a go!

Estefania from Spain

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