Aussie English Supporter Pack

I have designed the Aussie English Supporter Pack for ESL students who want to learn English faster, smarter and more naturally, and get the most out of every Aussie English Podcast episode.

If you’re this kind of English student then the AESP is definitely a tool that you should have in your shed, mate!

When you sign up to the AESP you get instant access to the following materials:

PDF & MP3 Downloads:

Read and listen to each podcast episode + bonus exercises from anywhere.

  • Downloadable Premium PDF Transcripts
  • Downloadable Episode MP3
  • Downloadable Exercise MP3

Targeted Exercises:

Use the exercises to expand your English vocabulary, improve your listening comprehension, writing, reading and speaking ability.

  • Vocabulary List & Table
  • Listening Comprehension Exercises
  • Written Substitution Exercises
  • Aural/Oral Substitution Exercises


 Can I take a look at an example?

Here is a FREE example episode

aussie english, learn australian english

Note: The download is a 70mb .zip file.

You also get:

  • Access to the AE Virtual Classroom

The AE Virtual Classroom is a private Facebook group English learning community where like-minded and hardworking English learners hang out, discuss each episode, use weekly activities to fast-track your English learning, and help each with any English related questions or problems that come up.

I treat the private Members Group like a casual classroom where you can stop by as much as you need to.

I direct English related activities designed to reinforce what you’ve learned in each episode and allow you to be as involved as you want, and learn as quickly as you desire.

New Mini Courses For Members!

I have started adding mini courses to the membership as well. Check out the free video for the course below.

Pronunciation Course: The Muted T

muted t, australia, learn australian english, pronunciation

These are short courses designed to tackle a specific problem in English, and help you conquer it step-by-step in order to speak and understand English like a native!

So how much are we talking, mate?


Just $19.99/month!


But can I try it first? You sure can!


Try it for $1 for your first month!*

* You can unsubscribe at any time. If you don’t unsubscribe before your trial is up you will automatically be charged the monthly fee of $19.99.

Still got a few questions?


You’re welcome to email me with any questions you might have at theaussieenglishpodcast[at]gmail[dot]com or message me via The Aussie English Podcast Facebook page.