Learn -ED Endings naturally like a native speaker!

There are 3 different -ED endings to past participles in English.

For example:

  • Wanted
  • Liked
  • Played

Each of those three verb past participles ED ending has a different pronunciation.

This cheat sheet shows you how to pronounce the past participles of >500 of the most common English verbs.

Learn spoken English contractions like a native!

Native English speakers often contract words when speaking naturally.

For example:

  • Going to = Gonna
  • Want to = Wanna
  • Need to = Needa

In this free ebook and audio course I teach you how to use a bunch of common spoken English contractions like a native speaker!

Learn to use 200+ common phrasal verbs like a native!

Phrasal verbs are one of the most annoying parts about learning English.

For example:

  • To look out = To be careful
  • To look up = To search for information.
  • To look in on = To check if someone’s ok.

This ebook defines and gives example sentences for 200+ phrasal verbs, and will help you speak more like a native.