Learn Australian English with this big list of Aussie slang words that end with ‘O’. Every word included on this list I have heard or used myself.

Slang TermIPATermDefinition
Abo*'æbəʊAboriginalAn indigenous person. (***VERY RUDE***)
Aggro'ægəʊAggressiveReady or likely to attack or confront
AlcoˈælkəʊAlcohol/An alcoholicAny drink with alcohol in it / a person addicted to alcohol.
AmboˈæmbəʊAmbulanceA vehicle equipped for taking sick or injured people to hospital.
ArvoˈɑːvəʊAfternoonThe time from noon until evening.
Avo'ævəʊAvocadoA pear-shaped fruit with a rough leathery skin and smooth, oily edible flesh.
BiffoˈbɪfəʊA fightA violent confrontation between two or more people.
Bottle-OˈbɒtləʊBottle shopA shop that sells alcoholic drinks.
Reno'rɛnəʊRenovationThe action of renovating a building.
Compo'kɒmpəʊCompensation paymentA payment given to someone in recognition of loss, suffering, or injury.
DefoˈdɛfəʊDefinitelyWithout doubt.
DeroˈdɛrəʊDerelictA person without a home, job, or property.
DevoˈdɛvəʊDevastatedIn severe and overwhelming shock or grief.
Doco'dɒkəʊDocumentaryA movie that provides a factual report on a certain topic.
Drongo'drɒŋgəʊDrongoLit - A type of bird.
Slang - An idiot/stupid person.
GarboˈgɑːbəʊGarbage collectorA person whose job is to collect garbage.
Hospo'hɒspəʊHospitalityRelating to businesses that entertain clients, e.g. restaurants and hotels.
Journo'ʤɜːnəʊJournalistA person who writes for a newspaper, magazine, or news website.
MoməʊMoustacheA strip of hair left to grow above the upper lip.
Muso'mjuːzəʊMusicianA person who plays a musical instrument.
PetoˈpɛtrəʊPetrolA fuel used by vehicles.
Povvo'pɒvəʊPovertyOf poor quality.
Preggo'prɛgəʊPregnantHaving a child develop in the uterus.
Rego'rɛʤəʊCar registrationThe documentation showing your car is registered to be driven on the road.
ReloˈrɛləʊRelativeA person related to you.
RooruːKangarooA hopping marsupial from Australia.
SalvossælˈvəʊzThe Salvation ArmyA Christian organisation that sells second hand goods.
ServoˈsɜːvəʊService stationA place you buy fuel.
Smoko'sməʊkəʊSmoke breakA short break at work where you have a smoke.
Typo'taɪpəʊTyping errorAn error made while typing on a mobile phone, computer, etc.
Vego'vɛʤəʊVegetarianA vegetarian person / for a meal to be vegetarian.
Weirdo'wɪədəʊWeirdoA weird person.

* Abo – is a very rude and derogatory word in Australia equivalent to “nigga” in America. It’s listed here because you may hear it in Australia, and it’s important to be aware of what it means.